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Your ultimate dApp to do everything

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One dApp
to do everything

Whether it is a Centralized Exchange or a Blockchain. Track, trade, send any of your CeFi and DeFi assets on the same interface.

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full picture

Get an overview of all of your assets with special insights into your portfolio and the market. helps you keep an eye on all your crypto portfolio while consolidating CeFi and DeFi in one tab.

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Do everything you need on the same interface

Increase your

Transfer anywhere across the ecosystem

Go from Binance to Avalanche, Polygon to Starknet, Coinbase to Kraken. Anything is possible.

Find the best services
and protocols

Go on and find the best investment opportunities or get precise sharp statistics on your portfolio/market or even do tax reporting

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All CEX and blockchain compatibility are soon to be announced!

Swap and Trade in one place

Trade on your CEX from our interface just like you would do a swap in DeFi

All CEX compatibility are soon to be announced!

Stay non-custodial.
Even when managing your CEXs

Get the ultimate UX to manage all your CEX thanks to, a non-custodial browser extension that aggregates all your CEX.


Manage your CEX with, a non-custodial browser extension that aggregates all your CEX.

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A whole new way to manage your portfolio

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Does have my info like CEX?
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